Guarantee and service

Your Humphrey jewelry can be a part of your life.
To ensure that you always enjoy it, we offer you comprehensive services and guarantees.
If your jewelry shows unpleasant signs of wear or needs repair, please contact your Humphrey jeweler or us directly.


set stones

The techniques used to set diamonds, pearls and coloured gemstones have been perfected since the mid-1990s. Humphrey offers a 2-year guarantee on the secure hold of the gemstone or pearl if handled properly. 

However, the service life is unlimited.


Humphrey uses only TW-VS quality diamonds. They have been tested according to the 4Cs and meet our high requirements.

All diamonds used come from suppliers who follow the United Nations Resolutions. This guarantees that the diamonds are not affected by any conflicts. 

All diamonds used are checked for authenticity. Thus, admixtures of artificially produced diamonds and HPHT treated diamonds (HP = high preassure, HT = high temprature) are excluded.



Your Humphrey ring can always go with you. To make sure this is the case, we offer you the possibility of resizing even after years.


You can have your partner rings laser engraved by us.
To do this, choose from the fonts:

Publication - Arial

Cursive - French Script

You also have the possibility of an individual, handwritten engraving.

Please note the following:
For your signature engraving/faximile, please send us the original signature by post. The signature should be done with a thin black pen, on white paper and in normal size. The templates are not post-processed.

Since the signature is transferred 1:1, it is advantageous if individual letters do not protrude too much downwards or upwards, because otherwise the rest of the signature becomes smaller. This is scanned and transferred to the ring by computer and engraving machine.

Damascus Stell Jewelry

Over the years, the pattern may become weaker. 

You have the possibility to have the ring reworked and re-etched by us.
Then your piece of jewelry is as good as new.