The Philosophie of Humphrey

Humphrey was founded in 1995 in Bregenz, Austria by Roland Baldauf. The goal was, to design and manufacture stainless steel jewelry just in the center of Europe. So we can say, Humphrey is a sort of a local product - Made in Austria.

At the age of 30 Roland decided to startup his own company.
He loved every time of his life good design and he loves also jewelry.
From now on, he designed the Humphrey line - jewelry in stainless steel with real stones and pearls.

Made in Austria / Europe 



In 1997 Humphrey started with the own production in his "garage". The office was in that time in the living room.
Roland developed step by step a contemporary jewelry collection with semi precious stones like amethyst, citrine, peridot, rhodolite, topaz, and tourmaline.
They also used diamonds with a perfect cut which is very important for the brilliance! That's the main reason, why Humphrey diamonds also sparkle in bad light. This creates a lot of everyday's fun!

Also a line with pearls like Tahitian pearls, akoya pearls and freshwater pearls is now available. Even here, Roland is just going for top quality. The pearls we are using are mostly rated with AAA which is the best pearl grade.
A piece of jewelry should create fun and excitement. Therefore we check all our pieces twice, before we ship it. Than we mark it with a symbolized head. So we are in position, to identify all our pieces also after years. The marked pieces give you the warranty, it anything happens, we take care. 

A piece of Humphrey jewelry has one mission: give you fun, excitement and look good on you.


The brand Humphrey was developed in memory of the American actor, Humphrey Bogart. His most famous film “Casablanca” is the incarnation of the values our products stand for: classic romantic timeless everlasting love, friends and fidelity.