stainless steal
manufactory HUMPHREY

Humphrey - the high quality jewelry from Europe

Made in Austria
Stainless Steel Jewelry Manufacture

Founded by Roland Baldauf in Bregenz, Austria in 1994. From this time Humphrey designs and manufactures jewelry in an extraordinary design, with a lot of know-how, passion and craftsmanship.


Humphrey utilized selected materials such as stainless steel and damask steel to create rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets and anklets with diamonds, pearls and coloured gemstones.
Whoever chooses Damascus steel jewelry receives a unique piece that has its own character and an incredible  fascination.

You are a bright light. Let yourself shine.  

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Humphrey's diamonds charm with their magical sparkle. We use only TW-VS quality stones in our jewelry. They can be found in our diamond rings, diamond pendants and diamond earrings.

Innovative ideas, such as jewelry with diamond in glass, expand our collection. These masterpieces of craftsmanship show off the diamond as if magnified under a magnifying glass.

A diamond enchants as a solitaire in an engagement ring, in a wedding ring or in a partner ring.

Damascus steel
forged in fire

The name Damascus steel, comes from Arabic and describes a steel that is forged from several different types of iron or steel. This unique materials adheres to a mystical flair.

The steel is folded, forged, folded again, forged....

This creates very individual structures, which are revealed by etching the surface. This pattern, reminiscent of the life rings of a tree, runs through the entire piece of jewelry and makes it so extraordinary.

Wedding rings - Engagement rings

Partner rings made of stainless steel and damask steel - also with gold. The right rings for your love.

All rings are made exclusively for you. They are manufactured in Austria and will be engraved to your wishes. This is how your Humphrey rings become a unique symbol of your bond and will always be with you.

Humphrey wedding ring ore engagement ring - timeless, classic, modern and romantic

You will surely find the right pair of rings for your love.

real colored gemstones

Colored gemstones come in all imaginable colors, however not all stones are suitable for processing in stainless steel. The stones must not be sensitive to pressure, They must not be too soft. The color must be repeatable and, ultimately, the price must remain stable, We choose the stones that do justice to alle these requirements. 
Humphrey mainly uses amethyst, citrine, iolite, peridot, rhodolite, topaz, tourmaline and onyx gemstones for his jewelry.


From the classic pearl ring, the incomparable alpine shark to the flexible and adaptable design jewelry Twister - pearls have a special value for us.

Tahitian pearls, Akoya pearls and freshwater pearls of extremely high quality are used for our jewelry.
They captivate by a particularly shining luster and are true treasures of nature.


Thanks to the patented technology of "Diamonds in glass" it has been possible to unite diamonds at 1,400 degrees heat with resistant borosilicate glass. The sphere acts like a magnifying glass and makes the diamond appear 70% larger.

Diamond in glass makes the impossible possible and makes the brilliant seem to float weightlessly.

Timeless - the Humphrey collection
not just for the moment... it´s for a lifetime

Young, modern and traditional .
The originals with the hat.