Logo: Humphrey
Logo: Humphrey


The texture from the stainless steel makes this piece so interesting

chain in stainless steel with magnetic clasp

This design is available as a necklace or bracelet. With the magnetic clasp, it's easy, to connect them together and get a long necklace.


A heart can be so cool... The sphere in this heard moves. This makes this piece so much more interesting.

with moving sphere

Available in different sizes and with many different spheres.
Onyx, tigers eye, love arrows, pearls, gold spheres, just to give some ideas.







timless at 9

The diamond is set into the pendant in tension. The necklace has a push-button clasp and is easy to handle.

diamond pendant
brilliant 0,10ct, tw-vs

The pendant is available with different sizes of diamonds.


The pendulum is one of our most successful designs. The design is just timeless.

The pendulum
with gem - pink tourmaline

The pendulum comes in different sizes with different gems, sapphires or diamonds.


This gems are available:


A gemstone, a clean setting and a stainless steel rope!

cube pendant
necklace with pushbutton clasp

The gemstone is in the center of this design. Set in tension in a clean setting, polished in the inside to reflect a lot of light. This pendant comes in different gems, diamonds or sapphires.


This are the choices for the gems:

a star

A star in stainless with diamond

star in stainless steel
with diamond

This star is soft and characterisiic at the same time. It could be from the firmament, a starfish or "Patrik" from Spongebob squarehead. With a diamond its just great looking. This design comes also in damscus steel.






The three gems are perfect in a line. The necklace has a pull clasp and is easy to handle.

gemstone pendant
peridot 7 mm

The gemstones are set in a bazel and they are conected with a perfect sized pin to each other. So the gemstones are in the center of this design. You can get this necklace besides of peridot with topas blue or with, citrine, rhodolithe and amethyst.


This is, how they look like:


The navette is a tribute to the feminine. The design is simple and timeless.

The navette
with diamond

The navettecomes in different sizes with different gems, sapphires or diamonds. The pendant pictured here is the absolute luxury of having, a quater carat, quality tw-vs.

pearl pendant navette

A fine, elegant pendant with Akoya pearl on a stainless steel rope.

pearl pendant
necklace with pushbutton clasp

An understated pendant made ​​of stainless steel with a first class Akoya pearl 6.5-7 mm, which impresses with its simplicity. Suitable to carry it every day. The pearl is available in white or gray.

gemstone pendant

A simple setting for a wonderful rhodolite.

gemstone pendant with rhodolite
7 mm rhodolite round

This necklace is distinguished by its simplicity. So it's a everydays piece. Due to the high quality of the colored gemstone, this piece of jewelry is so remarkable.The necklace is equipped with a push button clasp.
The following gems are available:






A heart can be sooo elegant. It hangs in a way very casual sideward at the necklace.

with 7 diamonds set in pavée style

The alpenheart is available in different sizes (shown in the picture about 25 mm in diameter). The smaller the heart will be, the lower the number of diamonds in the heart. The smallest is 11 mm tall and is decorated with 3 diamonds.

NY diamond pendant

The design is inspired by the skyline of New York.

NY diamond pendant
with 5 diamonds

In this pendant the diamonds are set in a "channel". So the diamands have a little space to move and they sparkle even in moderate light. A stunning piece of jewelry to treat yourself or someone you love well.